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About The RMA

The RMA is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), established in 2005 by the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003. Our duties focus on protecting the public by ensuring that robust and effective risk assessment and risk management practices are in place to reduce the risk of serious harm posed by violent and sexual offenders. Within this remit, the RMA also has specific responsibility to administer and oversee the risk assessment and management processes supporting the Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) sentence, including the accreditation of risk assessors to carry out duties on behalf of the High Court, and the approval of Risk Management Plans for offenders subject to an OLR. The RMA accredits Assessors and Manners (methodologies) to ensure that appropriate standards are established and recognised.


This OLR is a sentence pertaining to those who pose the highest level of risk to the community and involves a rigorous lifetime supervision programme in cases where the High Court determines that the offender.


"…if at liberty, will seriously endanger the lives, or physical or psychological well-being of members of the public at large."    (Section 210E of the Crminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003)





The RMA’s independent status allows for a fair and objective provision of service to the Scottish public.


We also work towards achieving best practice and contributing to policies and practices through stakeholder engagement and critical working parties.  Through our work we promote Scotland as an international leader in research and innovation in the field of offender risk assessment and risk management. We offer support through the provision of advice, training, events and seminars to those who work directly in the fields of risk assessment and management of offenders.


We undertake research to develop appropriate resources that support best practice, these include publications such as Standards and Guidelines for Risk Assessment and Risk Management and the Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory (RATED)


For further information on what we do please refer to our Corporate Plan.


If you would like help in understanding some of the terminology used above, please read our FAQs.