Legislative Framework

The RMA aims to establish and promote best practice in the risk assessment and management of offenders through its commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, research and excellent quality standards.


The Risk Management Authority was established for the following reasons:

  • The growing public concern about the harm resulting from sexual and violent offending
  • The need for special measures for offenders considered to be at high risk of serious re-offending
  • The diversity of professional practices and competing approaches in the assessment and management of high risk offenders
  • The need for research to evidence and develop best practice
  • The problems of inter-agency communication, information flow and shared definitions and understanding

You can read the legal documents where our statutory requirements are detailed at the following links:


Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003


The Risk Assessment and Minimisation (Accreditation Scheme) (Scotland) 2006


More information about our legislative requirements can also be found in our corporate plan.