Glossary of Terms

Acronym Full Term   Definition
HMIC Her Majesty Inspectorate of
    Inspectorate for Police

HMIP Her Majesty Inspectorate of
    Inspectorate for Prisons

MAPPA Multi Agency Public
Protection Arrangement
    Community Management of Offenders

NDPB Non-Departmental Public
    A public organisation that is self-governing but accountable to and funded by Government

NPF National Performance
    Government performance targets and objectives

OLR Order for Lifelong
    Sentence providing for lifelong management of high risk violent and sexual offenders. Requires implementation and review of an RMA approved risk management plan for offenders in custody and in the community. Includes a
punishment part, spending minimum period in secure custody

OMSD Offender Management
Strategy Division
    Government Department

PLSRD Parole and Life Sentence Review Division     Government Department

PPU Public Protection Unit     Government Department

RAO Risk Assessment Order     Issued by High Court regarding a offender who is being considered for a Order of Lifelong Restriction

RAR Risk Assessment Report     Produced by Accredited Assessor for Court on someone who is subject to a Risk Assessment Order

RATED Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory     Directory of Risk Assessment Tools


Risk Management




Required by law, for an offender subject to an Order for Lifelong Restriction, approved by the Risk Management Authority. A Risk Management Plan is prepared by the lead authority.


Social Work




Agency Inspectorate for Social Work in Scotland RMA Corporate Plan 2010-2013 23