When should I reassess a case?


Where a full LS/CMI has been applied for somebody subject to supervision, conducting a full reassessment would really only serve a purpose where (a) a significant period of time has elapsed since the last assessment was conducted or (b) where a ‘significant event’ has occurred


(a) In many cases, it would not serve much purpose to reassess at the 3 & 6 month review stage as any identified risk factors/ needs are unlikely to reduce within the first 12 months.


(b) What constitutes a significant event is very much a matter of judgement – but for it to be considered significant it would really be something which might result in a significant change to the conclusion of the current assessment &/or management plan for the individual.


A significant event could be positive: fully engaged with and completed a lengthy groupwork programme for example or the individual is coming the end of successful a period of supervision (reassessing could be used to inform decisions such as applying for early termination and allow for a pre & post comparisons i.e. what has changed and by how much?)


Alternatively, a significant event could be negative e.g. previously no evidence of violent behaviour, but then new information comes to light that the individual has been convicted of offences involving violence.


A new court report requested during a period of supervision should not automatically trigger a need for reassessing the individual. The report might relate to old offences or new offences of the same nature. Where the new court report is for offences of a different type/ nature then this is more likely to constitute a significant event.


The main consideration should be ‘is the current assessment still valid for the task in hand or are there grounds for conducting a full, new assessment?’ 


I clicked on ‘re-assess’ and the previously completed assessment (LS/CMI 1-8) and case plan has disappeared. What has happened to it?


Don’t worry, the full LS/CMI and case plan has not been lost. Choosing to ‘re-assess’ would be when a full, new LS/CMI 1-8 is required to be completed on a current case (see the FAQ ‘When should I reassess a case?’)

When you choose to re-assess the previously completed assessment will only be available to view or print out via the ‘report’ facility. In addition, when choosing to re-assess, it is not possible to amend or update the case management plan until the new assessment has been completed. Because the system locks down the case planning screens until the reassessment has been completed, it can look as if the case plan has been ‘lost’ – but it hasn’t.

If you need to look at  the case plan before completing the re-assessment just click on ‘report’  →  ‘select report’ and pick Case Management Plan Sign Off. To print this, ‘select format’ → ‘export’ → print.

To view or print off previously completed full assessments, click on ‘report’ → ‘select report’ → pick Full Risk Assessment and another drop down list will appear just to the right which will list all previously completed full assessments. Click on the required assessment then ‘select format’ → ‘export’ → print.


I clicked on ‘re-assess’ by mistake & I can no longer access the case planning screens. Is there anything I can do to avoid having to complete the full new LS/CMI 1-8?


The new LSCMI 1-8 that has been started can be deleted which would allow you access to the case planning screens again.

You will need to find out who in your area has the permissions to allow deletion of parts of the record (in some areas Team Leaders have this permission whilst in other areas it is the responsibility of those with Business Admin rights) and request that they delete the latest 1-8 for that particular case.