A new court report has been requested for a case that is already open on the system. How do I access the Initial Assessment content to inform the new court report?


This question is most often asked where the offender is currently subject to statutory supervision either via a Probation Order or CPO with a supervision requirement. In such cases a fuller assessment (the LS/CMI Sections 1-8) should have been completed to inform the case management plan.

The full LS/CMI will provide a far more comprehensive assessment than the initial assessment content ever would. In addition, where a case plan has been devised (Section 9) and the individual’s progress (Section 10) has been updated, this would also provide useful information to inform any new court report.

Therefore, there should be no need to access and apply the initial assessment content once a person is subject to supervision. Instead, the court report author should use the fuller assessment, case planning and progress record to inform any new court report.

Note #1: Version 2 of the LS/CMI system allows the user to generate a court report template not only at the conclusion of the initial assessment but also at the end of the fuller assessment.


Note #2: There may be occasions where a new court report request would warrant a full reassessment. See the FAQ ‘When should I reassess a case?