December 2017 - LS/CMI Mentors Event 2018

  • Notice and nominations for attendees. Confirmation of places for attendance have now been sent to all areas who had responded to our original request and we are currently in the process of finalising numbers over the coming weeks. The event is due to take place on Thursday 1st of February 2018 and will have a primary focus on quality assurance and sharing experiences and learning from criminal justice social work practice across Scotland.  Further details will be posted in due course so please do check back for updates.

November 2017 - Latest LS/CMI system release

  • Version 5 of the LS/CMI system. Installation across the country commenced in September and by mid November all areas had Version 5 installed. Developments within Version 5 include the relocation of the Risk of Serious Harm assessment content and significant changes to the way imported records function. A slideset illustrating the headline changes within Version 5 has been sent to all services via LS/CMI mentors (sent on 28th August 2017). 

November 2017 - Change in helpdesk process for LS/CMI queries

  • IT/Technical queries. Notice of the change to the helpdesk process was issued via all identified mentors on 13th November this year. Users are now asked to contact NVT directly via the helpdesk ( for resolution of IT/technical queries, further details were sent as part of the email to mentors and information has also been included within our FAQ page.