Working in partnership with a range of stakeholders, the RMA sponsors the FRAME Implementation Group. The research related objectives of the project are:

  • To inform Policy decisions relating to risk assessment and management with learning from national and international research and practice.
  • To promote implementation integrity by incorporating agreed quality assurance and evaluation mechanisms.
  • To develop practice guidance in support of consistent, meaningful and proportionate risk assessment, management and evaluation. 

Under the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 the RMA carries out, commissions or coordinates research to underpin our development initiatives with evidence from national and international studies.


We undertake studies to support agencies involved in the management of risk. We also promote the adoption of self evaluation and quality assurance measures, at practitioner, agency and multi-agency levels. Such evaluation will be used to inform national improvement and contribute to the evidence base.


Assessing Violence Risk: A Framework for Practice (2008) Serious Violent Offenders: Developing a Risk Assessment Framework (2007)


Internet Offending


Current Practice and Research Into Internet Sex offending (Summary Bulletin) (2007) Current Practice and Research Into Internet Sex offending (Report) (2007)


Restricted Patients 


Review of Current Arrangements for Risk Assessment and Management for Restricted Patients (2007)


Young People Offending


Research and Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Children And Young People Engaging in Offending Behaviours – A Literature Review (2007)


“Research and Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Children and Young People Engaging in Offending Behaviours” prepared by The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research  -  RMA Response (2008)


Sexual Offending

The process of implementing programmes across the Scottish Criminal Justice system:

Lessons learned from the Moving Forward Making Changes programme (2016)


An evaluation of the Moving Forward Making Changes training programme in the community (2016)

Risk of Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP): A real world study of the reliability, validity and utility of a structured professional judgement instrument in the assessment and management of sexual offenders in South East Scotland (2016)


The Evaluation of the Implementation of Stable and Acute 2007 in Scotland (2013)


Validation of Risk Matrix 2000 for use in Scotland (2008)


Risk Assessment Tools Evaluation Directory: RATED

RATED contains information on the attributes, validation history and empirical grounding of a large number of risk assessment instruments and provides practitioners with information on the strengths and limitations of each tool.  RATED is now available online as a dedicated website.


Level of Service Case Management Inventory: LS/CMI  (Andrews, Bonta and Wormith 2004)

The Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI)) is an assessment and management tool that incorporates the principles of risk, need and responsivity. It is a substantial revision of the existing, widely used Level of Service Inventory - Revised (LSI-R) assessment tool. LS/CMI has been chosen by the Scottish government, The Association of Directors of Social Work and The Scottish Prison Service to provide a common, structured in the community and custodial settings approach.


The RMA have worked closely with Social Work Scotland to undertake a range of evaluations which are available in the reports section of the Quality Assurance section of the website.